Amy Aspen Yang
Dr. Yang and “his first clone” Amy and her donor animal Aspen in 1999.

Amy Aspen Yang
In 2017, the road behind the building in which Dr. Yang worked day and night at the University of Connecticut was named after him.


Evergen was founded in 2000 by the late visionary, social activist, scientist, educator and entrepreneur, Xiangzhong "Jerry" Yang (杨向中; July 31, 1959 - Feb 5, 2009). Dr. Yang excelled in the field of embryo biotechnology in his short life of 49 years. His work was reported in over 200 scientific publications including those in Nature Genetics, Nature Biotechnology, and the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences. His achievements in cloning was reported by all the major news media including the CNN Headline News, ABC, CBS and BBC News as well as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and the US News & World Report.

Evergen’s scientists developed industrial-scaled technologies to produce sexed bovine embryos by in vitro fertilization. It then pioneered the liquid nitrogen surface vitrification technology to preserve bovine embryos for long-term storage and transportation. A high pregnancy rate of 41% was achieved with these embryos in field trials. Evergen published numerous scientific articles and filed two patents.

In 2003, Evergen became China’s sole distributor for bovine semen produced by the Cooperative Resources International (CRI) in Wisconsin, USA. Over the past decade, Evergen created a name brand for CRI and provides superior American bovine genetics to all major dairy farms and dairy processors in China including Yili, Modern Dairy, AustAsia etc.

In 2013, Evergen furthered its business by signing a sole distributorship with Conception of Quebec, Canada for its early pregnancy test, DG29TM , DG BlueEyes and DG Milk.